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An inter-disciplinary artist

Tahmineh Godazgar is an independent artist/curator based in Tehran. She got a PhD in physics 2011 in IASBS, a MA in design 2014 in Art University of Tehran and a diploma in photojournalism 2018 in Danish Media and Journalism School. Her main research field of interest is the dialogue between art and science, especially how the fundamental science ideas are translated into the language of art. These are her featured questions  like how the difference between classical and quantum physics has its equivalent in people’s comprehension about the human world? And if breaking the concept of  absolute causality has the same kind of uncertainty principle working in the world of people? And how the changes in the mathematical language of physics can be translated to our everyday life language.The means She presents her works in public interactive exhibitions in order to include the audience in the dialogue.

Her latest project is named ‘Human Particles’ which takes the quantum ideas about particles and then treats a  human as a particle to understand its characteristics through a quantum framework. Her main focus is on the linguistic aspects of quantum physics and how concepts translate from quantum to the human world. For instance, what can be the human equivalent of operators defining the main characteristics of a particle and what does it mean for the non-commutative human operators to follow the uncertainty principle. 

The main characteristic of her latest work that makes it unique is that it will be built and take place in a physics Institute where she can have access to the scientific basic concepts behind the work and the audience in the exhibition can have access to knowledge from both art and science fields.

This project is neither a direct visualization of the mathematical formula of quantum physics, nor a perception of what physicists say about it, the two usual ways by which art and physics communicate. It is a closer experience of physical concepts in a human being. It can be considered a collision of the quantum physics framework and the psyche of a person. “ I think I can safely say that nobody really understands quantum mechanics,” says Richard Feynman, but it can become intuitive through experience. It is like how we know suffering through lifelong experiences, not a single line of description. The installation is  introducing a way to understand the quantum physics world through more familiar personal experiences.


Diploma in Photography, DMJX, Aarhus, Denmark


MA in Design, Art University, Tehran, Iran


PhD in Physics, IASBS, Zanjan, Iran
Latest project

Human particles

An ongoing project in the intersection of quantum physics and art