Eager to discover the surrounding world

From a very young age her main interest was to understand the whys of phenomena and she found physics to be the best vehicle helping her to acquire the knowledge she needed about the phenomena she encountered. Her choice was working until 2009, when a social movement occurred in Iran. She was in the middle of major groundbreaking phenomena, and she could not understand the whys. She then started seeking answers in art and human sciences. Studying design was her way to acquire knowledge about space and time in the human fabric and a tool for making difference. She found herself in social design, where she could use the design processes to help the unprivileged being outsiders to the main design realm. She needed to make connections with the people she was designing for and camera became a moderator between her and the new world she was exploring. Since then she became equipped with a camera as a new way of communication and she started social photography, which was the ultimate answer to the question of how to acquire knowledge about people around her. After years of doing documentary projects she found herself in a situation where she could understand the issues but she could not understand why these issues are there. She started to comprehend the deeper reasons behind the issues through psychology and it was surprisingly widely connected to physics. She encountered basic forces, basic elements and interactions in a person’s psyche which could be understood like the basic rules regulating the elementary particles in physics. Her recent works are focusing on artistic experiences to present the inner human world through the basic science framework of understanding particles.


Got her Diploma in Photography, DMJX, Aarhus, Denmark, 2018.


Got her MA Design, Art University, Tehran, Iran, 2014. Her Thesis title was: " Alternative Space Design for Holding Educational Events in Shahr e Ghods Slums."


Got her PhD in Physics, IASBS, Zanjan, Iran, 2011. Her Thesis title was " Potential Mapping of Optical Tweezers in order to investigate the Elastic Properties of DNA", and was conveyed under the supervision of Dr S. Nader S. Reihani.

selected exhibitions


Canon Student Program, Visa pour L’image, Perpignan, France

The L’Image and Women’s City photo projects where exhibited in the portfolio section of the festival.


Tiblisi photo festival, Tiblis, Georgia.

The Women-Only photo project was exhibited in the festival


Everyday Exhibition, Silk road Gallery, Tehran, Iran

She was an artist and a co-curator of EverydayTehran project in the exhibition.


Sense O, Contemporary art event, third anniversary, Osaka, Japan

The Tehran Nights photo project was exhibited.



The Sudden Exposure photo project was exhibited.